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Product Overview

Healthcare organizations struggle to identify actionable insights within the sea of healthcare data available to them. Imagine all your healthcare data, from EHR data to claims data, organized in a way that allows you to drive business results using a single consolidated source of truth instead of multiple siloed systems.
Many healthcare problems persist because organizations can’t get to the exact data they need in a timely manner. And when they do, all the time is spent putting the data together when they should be spending this time acting on it. Focus your energy and attention on your core differentiators with our consolidated data hub platform.

Drive a personalized healthcare experience off events identified in your data

When you are managing your patient or member data alongside your provider data, you can monitor and intercept everything from incorrect referrals outside of your system to notifying members that their provider has left the network. You can also help ensure that your patients are getting the right care and following through on your recommendations to them based on what you see (or don’t see) happening in your healthcare data.

Create custom event rules specific to your objectives

Healthcare data often lives in different places and in different schemas making it difficult if not impossible to make it actionable. This problem gets worse as you add new point solutions to your ecosystem. Begin to close gaps in care much more quickly to improve health equity among your patients or members.

Ensure accurate and timely management of your incoming and outgoing data

What good is healthcare data if you can’t trust its accuracy and completeness? Sadly, problems in your data are often pointed out by your clients, which can be rather embarrassing. And when it happens, you’ll find yourself scrambling to figure it out and will oftentimes be unable to do so given the nature of your data. Leverage our tech and business process know-how to ensure that your data is accurate and complete.

Fuel Personalization through Real-time Insight

Immediately know the next action to take with your patients or members and begin acting on it instead of spending all your time compiling data. Finally make a difference with your health equity goals by quickly identifying disparities and inequalities.

Achieve Operational Excellence and Efficiency

All of the data that a healthcare organization manages should be in one location to help your business thrive. Stop the spin on inconsistent and incomplete data that doesn’t tie out like it should.


Leverage a solution that is HIPAA and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant out of the box ensuring that you meet your compliance obligations and the expectation of your clients.

Flow Diagram

Significantly decrease time to value on your journey to executing on your core differentiators.

Consolidate all healthcare data into a single platform in our cloud infrastructure.

Enable connectivity and deeper collaboration with your team on behalf of your clients.

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